RFI Filter Cable [MLRFIF]

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The Mic Line RFI Filter from Alectro Systems eliminates annoying radio interference on low impedance balanced microphone lines. The unit consists of a 12 inch cable with a standard (XLR type) male 3-pin mic connector on one end, and a female 3-pin mic connector on the other. All components are top professional quality. The RFI Filter is built into the male connector so that it is as close to the mixer input as possible.

To install it, you simply unplug the existing microphone cable from your mixer, plug the RFI Filter into the mixer in its place, and plug your mic cable into the other end of the Filter cable. The Mic Line Filter has no effect on the audio signal since it has a flat response from DC (below audio frequency) to 20KHz (above audio frequency). It almost totally annihilates Radio Frequencies from 500KHz up. This covers all radio bands from AM through Micro-Wave. At the bottom end of the AM radio band (600KHz) the interference is reduced by more than 98.5% from its original level. As the frequency of the interference increases, the attenuation of the filter also increases, reducing the interference to even lower levels.

We developed this rather unique device because no matter how good the sound system wiring is and how carefully you install it, often this is the only way to eliminate Radio Interference.

Datasheet Available - Click Here