Fully Silent Microphone Foot Switch with Indicators [MMSI-S]

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The Alectro Systems MMSI-S is an evolution of our MMSI-F microphone mute switch. Originally sold as a stompbox, this evolution sees the MMSI-S take the stage as a fully silent foot switch, able to work with any balanced Dynamic or Condenser microphone having a standard 3 pin XLR connector. It enables you to turn these microphones on and off without producing a click or pop through your sound system, as well as through the unit itself. The unit has one Female XLR connector to plug in the microphone cable and one Male XLR to connect to your mixer.

A Blue LED indicates that the power is present, and a Green LED indicates when the microphone is turned ON. When the LEDs are not lit, they appear Clear, so there is no confusion whether they are on or off. It can be placed on, or attached to, a flat surface. The MMSI-S is powered using an included 9v power supply, or an option to run it with a 9v battery. A switch on the unit allows for the user to turn on or off the battery power - saving the battery from being drained accidentally when not in use.

The device is housed in a rugged steel case, about 5" long x 3.75" wide x 1.75" high. The steel case provides a level of protection against any potential EMI and RFI.

Datasheet Available - Click Here