Door Alarm With Adjustable Delay [DA20]

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The DA20 is a recently updated version of our classic door alarm solution, designed primarily as a Freezer or Fridge door alarm. It can be easily installed on any door without any tools. This model has an adjustable delay circuit which allows you to keep the door open for a period of time silently. After this delay time, it emits a pulsing tone to alert you to the fact that the door has been left open. A new addition is a bright blue LED, which flashes along with the alert tone - providing a visual cue as well.

The DA20 comes with its delay preset to 5 seconds but you can now adjust it between 0 seconds and 21 minutes. A series of other user adjustable features are present on the new model, take a peek at the datasheet to learn more. The DA20 will operate for at least a year under normal use on a single 9 volt alkaline battery (included), and features a new low battery warning.