Alectro Systems AC Hum Eliminator [AGDC2]

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The AGDC2 is a two channel Audio Line Level Decoupler which completely electrically isolates two line level audio sources from their destinations. This eliminates the ground loop which causes AC Hum on sound systems.

Because it has two channels, it can be used for either a stereo source or two separate mono audio sources.

Inputs and outputs are 1/4" Phone and will accept either balanced or unbalanced line level signals. You can even mix balanced and unbalanced in any way you wish. For example it can accept unbalanced inputs and convert them to balanced outputs or convert balanced inputs to unbalanced outputs. All inputs and outputs are completely electrically isolated.

The AGDC2 is a professional unit using high quality Neutrik connectors and housed in a heavy steel case to eliminate Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic interference.

Alectro Systems also sells cables to connect this unit to anything you need to.

Datasheet Available - Click Here